The vision of CLP is to bring dignity and self-respect to the most needy people across the nations. With support from local, national and international partners we work with the indigenous people of an area. Our goal is to create sustainable growth in the lives of people Physically, Spiritually and Socially.
Our vision is achieved by serving and assisting those already working on the ground through partnership projects. This includes medical and educational programmes, building schools and orphanages, providing wells, farm development programmes & micro enterprises.

We seek, where possible to partner with local government and other charities on a match-funding basis.

Our motto is "Give a hand up...Not a hand out"

We believe that as every donation has the potential to change a life it must be used effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

A blend of enthusiasm, creativity and pragmatism have become our watchword both in our long term development work and in responding to emergency situations.