Through out the ten years schools have become an important part of the work we do in Uganda. Currently we have build three schools including NAMATUMBA SECONDARY SCHOOL, MAGADA PRIMARY SCHOOL and BUSEMBADIA PRIMARY SCHOOL. New school buildings provide opportunities for more children to receive education and with the buildings having paths, bars on windows,cement floors, painted walls, & classroom materials e.g.  desks, blackboard paint etc it means they can be government certified as examination centres.

Another area within the schools work is raising money for teachers salaries and getting child sponsorship providing for school fees, food, books, uniform & accommodation.

Our work in the school is ongoing and the next team will be involved in some maintenance work within the schools e.g. painting, laying floors etc.


Fishing Nets

On the island of Buvuma in Lake Victoria land was purchased to provide a safe jetty for fishing boats. A fishing boat and nets were purchased for fishermen on the islands. The fishing industry on these islands are the only way for many families to survive and so promoting sustainable practices is important.



We recently helped fund the building of an orphanage near the school which means many of the children without parents can go to school who would otherwise not receive education.